Best Animal Books for Toddlers

Here are some of the very best animal books for toddlers.

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Moo, BAA, LA LA LA! By Sandra Boynton

The Moo, BAA, La LA La! Book is a rhyming board book that is a great deal of fun for toddlers. It features animals that your child can identify and connect with, in a humorous way.

This whimsical rhyming book will help your child develop their speech by encouraging them to say fun and silly things.

Another fantastic best selling story book from the infamous Sandra Boynton, who is a well renowned children’s author.

Suitable for boys and girls, it is a really enjoy book that they will connect with and have fun with.

Some parents have read this quirky book to their five month old, and they have been really surprised with the reaction and engagement it got!

Why We Recommend Moo, BAA, LA LA LA! By Sandra Boynton

  • Creates a love of books and reading for your child
  • Cute pictures hold your child’s attention and get them asking questions
  • Children learn the names of animals and the sounds they make
  • This book makes for great bonding time between you and your child
  • Encourages your child to develop their memory skills, through naming the animals and the sounds they make
  • Fires up your child’s imagination and allows them to be creative

Barnyard Dance By Sandra Boynton

Barnyard Dance is the perfect story book to introduce your child to a number of farm animals in a fun way. It is also a great book to get your child moving in a meaningful way.

Set to the rhythm of a square dance, this book can be read or sung to your toddler. It is totally suitable for girls and boys and is sure to keep your child engaged and entertained.

Sandra Boynton is a renowned and very popular children’s author. She is also a songwriter, producer, directorand popular American cartoonist, all qualities that show in her work.

The recommended age for Barnyard Dance is one year olds to four year olds, but so many parents and grandparents read it to their newborns.

Why We Recommend Barnyard Dance By Sandra Boynton

  • Helps your child to begin developing a sense of rhythm
  • Really holds a child’s attention and encourages them to join into the fun of the story, making animal sounds and acting out the Barnyard dance
  • Helps your toddler to follow directions, as they follow the instructions on how to perform the barnyard dance
  • Encourages your child to develop memorization skills as your child easily learns the rhymes in this story and recites them back
  • Helps to develop a love of reading in your child
  • Great lively story to capture your child’s imagination and keep them engaged
  • Wonderful story for all the family to get involved it

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? By Bill Martin Jr. And Eric Carle

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? takes a look at the world through the eyes of different animals. This fun book with its sing-song rhyme scheme is great fun for parents to read and toddlers to listen to while enjoying the illustrations.

Your child will love hearing about the yellow duck, the blue horse, the purple cat and lots of other interesting animals and characters.

Being a board book, it’s perfect for toddler’s hands and makes a good first reader for children who are just beginning to read.

The wonderful bright pictures will catch the eye of your little one, keeping them engaged right through to the end.

Why We Recommend >Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? By Bill Martin Jr. And Eric Carle

  • The rhyming text and beautiful illustrations capture young toddler’s attention
  • Parents like that this book helps to teach colors, numbers, and animals and their sounds in a fun way children adore
  • Helps develop small child’s love of books and is the idea size for small hands
  • Holds up well to any kind of abuse given it’s a board book
  • Great for helping toddlers to expand their vocabulary and learn more interesting words

But Not The Hippopotamus By Sandra Boynton

But Not The Hippopotamus is a wonderful story book for toddlers all about a very shy hippo.

In the story, all of the animals are doing things and having fun, except the poor hippo because he is too shy to join in.

But it has a lovely ending, because eventually, all of the other animals convince the hippo to join in and have some fun too.

The rhyming text and eye-catching illustrations will help to keep your child fully engaged while reading the story.

Why We Recommend But Not The Hippopotamus By Sandra Boynton

  • Wonderful fun story book that teaches your toddler about being shy and not always fitting in
  • Fill with fun animal illustrations that your child will enjoy
  • Great rhyming text to captivate and hold your child’s interest
  • It’s a board book, so quite durable and easy for toddlers to look at on their own
  • Encourages kids to love books and to want to read on their own

Snuggle Puppy By Sandra Boynton

Snuggle Puppy is a perfect birthday, Valentine’s or Christmas gift for your toddler as it is a fun book with a great way for a parent to express their unconditional love for their child.

Another wonderful book from the fantastic Sandra Boynton, it tells the story of an upbeat and very happy doggie expressing her love for her puppy!

Throughout the story, the puppy is being hugged, snuggled, kissed, danced with and more by their Mommy who loves them so much and wants to show it.

It is the perfect bedtime story for children and is sure to captivate their imaginations and really hold their attention.

With lots of beautiful illustrations and great rhyming text, it’s a wonderful story of motherly love that you can share with your precious toddler.

Why We Recommend Snuggle Puppy By Sandra Boynton

  • Wonderul heartfelt story of motherly love and affection for you and your toddler to enjoy
  • Rhymes and rhythm will help introduce your child to rhyming and teach them rhythm
  • All the cute pictures in this book will hold your child’s attention, spark their curiosity and getting them engaged
  • Your toddler will develop memorization skills as they memorize the song in this story
  • This book encourages a love of reading in your child
  • A wonderful book for nighttime bonding as your child falls asleep

Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae & Guy Parker-Rees

Gerald The Giraffe wants more than anything to dance, but soon discovers that having long thin legs and crooked knees does not allow him to waltz like the warthog or cha-cha like the chimps.

When Gerald takes to the dance floor at the Jungle Dance, all of the other animals mock him for his ungainly dance moves.

Heartbroken that he can’t dance, Gerald leaves the dance floor feeling like a failure.

Then an unlikely friend, suggests that there is nothing wrong with Gerald’s dancing, he just needs to dance to a different tune.

Gerald does and everyone is impressed with this talented dancing giraffe.

This story is done in rhyme and is a gentle way to teach toddlers that everyone is good at something and that finding what you are good at may take a little time and even a little help.

The book has great illustrations and it’s simply message is great for all ages, but especially good for young children who are just developing different skills and are sometimes frustrated because they are not ‘good’ at anything.

The book provides parents with an opportunity to discuss differences and skills with various aged children in a way they can understand.

It is an especially good book to read to children who have some type of disability or simply feel different from their peers.

This is a good book to add to toddler’s librairy or to keep in your babysitting kit, as the story is fun and carries an important message that all children can readily understand.

Why We Recommend Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae & Guy Parker-Rees

  • Celebrates the differences in children’s talent
  • Teaches toddlers that everyone is good at something
  • Great illustrations that capture children’s attention
  • Fun story
  • Children can relate to this story
  • Adults love both the simple story and the message

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