Benefits Of Playing With Magnetic Shapes For Toddlers

Benefits of Magnetic Blocks for Toddlers

Although magnetic blocks for toddlers are often recommended for children 3 and up, they’re also suitable for younger kids, depending on the child.

Here are some of the benefits of magnetic blocks for toddlers:

Color recognition 

Because magnetic blocks come in a wide variety of colors, these blocks can help your toddler learn the names of colors and can help teach your child to recognize different colors

Shape recognition 

Many magnetic block sets have different shaped pieces, which helps toddlers practice shape recognition

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Magnetic blocks give kids the opportunity to practice their sorting skills. They can sort them by shape, color, or both


Toddlers can have lots of fun using magnetic blocks to practice counting.
Improves fine motor skills- Grasping and stacking blocks can help your toddler develop their fine motor skills

Hand-Eye coordination

Building with magnetic blocks (or any type of block) can help toddlers develop better hand-eye coordination


Toddlers will love experimenting to see what types of things they can build and what these magnetic blocks will stick to


Open ended toys like magnetic blocks can help toddlers use and expand their imagination and creativity

Toddlers can get the same benefits from magnetic tiles as they do from magnetic blocks, but the tiles may be a little more difficult for toddlers to work with.


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