Benefits of Playing with Construction Toys

Waffle blocks, Squigz and Lego bricks are my son’s favorite construction toys.

He enjoys manipulating, connecting, demolishing and building them for hours non-stop.

But why is it really necessary that your little one plays with construction toys? Well, here are a few benefits of playing with construction toys.

By Lilian.

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Higher Academic Performance

You know what’s good about those Lego bricks? They increase the chances of getting those good grades later in life. There is evidence that construction toys promote success in STEM fields.

Research has also shown that children who build blocks during their preschool years have higher math scores in high school, regardless of their IQ.

Another study in the Netherlands found that learners who spent more time playing with construction toys score higher grades in mathematical word problems.

So, if you want to smile at your child’s school report card, get those construction toys!

Better Social Skills

Are you worried that your child has little interest interacting with others? Are they lonely? Get him some construction toys to play with his peers.

Children become more friendly and socially savvy when they engage in construction play projects with their peers. Actually, some first friendships develop through these interactions.

In fact, even for children with autism, those that attend playgroups with construction toys report higher social improvements than those autistic children coached in the social use of language.

So, when your child grabs those Lego bricks to play with his/her peers, you have all the reason to celebrate.

Boosts their Imagination

As much as playing with construction toys seems so logical and practical, it also helps your child build their imagination skills.

Playing with construction toys allows children to create the fantasies they imagine.

The other day, my son built a castle complete with a dragon and a moat.

Isn’t that so creative? I loved it.

Playing with construction toys boosts your child’s imagination and creativity in ways you could never imagine!

Better Problem-Solving Skills

I recently watched my son build a spaceship out of blocks. The first four ideas he applied were not forthcoming, but he kept devising new ideas and eventually he made it.

By playing with construction toys, children learn to think outside the box, remain flexible and keep trying until they attain their objectives.

Psychologists agree that this creativity that grows from playing with construction toys is very important for your child, in terms of how they solve divergent, real-life problems later in life.

Enhances their Fine Motor Skills

Your little one needs to exercise coordinating their small muscles in the fingers and hands to make movements.

Construction toys are an excellent option for this type of exercise.

As your child picks up, positions and carefully pieces together the different items in the construction set, they develop the muscles in their wrist, hands and fingers. This is a good boost to their fine motor skills.

Boosts their Focus, Persistence and Patience

Have you watched your child struggle to build that tower, castle or that favorite animal family?

You want to step in and help.

Well, you could, but wait just a little longer.

Most children, my son included, are not naturally patient, nor do they focus on stuff long enough.

Fortunately, to successfully come up with a design using those Waffle or Lego blocks requires a lot of concentration, persistence and patience. Give your child the space to develop these very important qualities.

They will also learn that if something doesn’t go as planned, they can counter the problems they face with patience, endurance and persistence.

Nurtures Self-Confidence

I can still remember the look on my son’s face when he built the castle complete with a dragon and a moat. Wow! He was smiling from ear to ear, ecstatic at what he had achieved.

I know you have those moments too, right?

Well, these moments define your child’s self-confidence.

Playing with construction toys can boost your child’s self confidence in ways you can never imagine. They feel proud of what they can do. This does wonders for their self-esteem and self-confidence.

Isn’t this also the time for you to step in and praise your child?

Yes, it is. When they build that awesome, stunning design, take time to praise them for their efforts.

It builds their self-confidence too.

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