Benefits of Outdoor Play for 1-2-3 Year Olds

1-3 Year Olds

Toddlers need to be supervised when playing outside.

As a parent you want to provide your toddler with a safe area for them to play, away from the road and other dangerous things.

But, as you can see, the following benefits your toddler gets from playing outdoors are well worth your effort:

Development of Gross and Fine Motor Skills

Allowing your toddler space to run, opportunities to pull a wagon or push a toy lawn mower, giving them opportunities to dig in dirt or sand will help your child exercise their muscles and develop both fine and gross.

Discovery of Nature 

Playing outside allows your toddler to explore and discover nature on their own terms.

If you watch your child wander around the lawn you’ll notice that they’re fascinated with the simplest acts of nature: ants building a hill, bugs crawling or birds in the trees.

Or they’ll delight in picking some flowers, running barefoot in the grass and splashing around in puddles after a rain.

Begins To Learn Safety Rules 

Spending time with your toddler outdoors allows you to start teaching them safety rules that will prepare them to be more independent later in life.

Spending time outside also lets your toddler learn to stay away from animals they are unfamiliar with, not to talk to strangers and to stay away from streets and roads.

Practice Independence 

Toddlers who are allowed to explore their own yard freely under parental supervision begin to experience feelings of independence and start to gain self confidence.

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