Magnetic Play Benefits – Magnetic Blocks & Shapes Benefits For Kids

There are many benefits to magnetic toys. Although there are a wide variety of magnetic toys on the market nowadays, in this article, we’ll focus on magnetic building toys.

We’ll discuss the three main types of magnetic building toys and give you the benefits that toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary age kids can get from playing with these toys.

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Top 3 Magnetic Block Toy Picks

Our top pick:  Jasonwell Magnetic Blocks – This set comes with more than a 100 magnetic pieces, giving your child a lot of space for imagination.

Second Place: Magna-Qubix 85-Piece Set – These magnetic blocks will work well for toddlers as well as older children (and yes, even adults!)

Third Place: Geomag pro-L Magnetic Toy Set – This magnetic STEM toy is ideal for older children.

What Are The Differences Between Magnetic Blocks, Sticks, and Tiles?

Many people, including the manufacturers of these toys, use the names interchangeably.

However, here are some notable differences between these three types of magnetic building toys.

Magnetic Blocks

Magnetic blocks are shaped like any other building blocks. While there are some lightweight plastic magnetic blocks, many magnetic blocks are made from wood with magnets embedded in them.

The magnets make the blocks stay together so that they don’t fall apart when children are building with them.

However, the magnetic blocks are also easy to pull apart, and both these things lead to less frustration for younger children when they’re playing with magnetic blocks.

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Magnetic Tiles

Magnetic tiles are flatter than blocks and most are made from plastic. Some of these tiles have open centers and others have solid centers.

The magnets are around the edges of each tile so that the tiles can be joined together. Most magnetic tiles sets include a variety of shapes, such as squares, rectangles, and triangles.

There are a variety of different magnetic tile sets by different manufacturers and several of these sets can be mixed and matched.

Magnetic tile sets come in either pastel colors or primary colors.

Some magnetic tile sets also come with accessory pieces such as wheels so kids can use the tiles to make vehicles.

Magnetic Building Sticks

Magnetic building sticks are shaped like sticks. These sets usually contain a number of different sticks containing magnets as well as round metal balls (not magnetic) you can use to add your whatever you are building.

Some of the magnetic stick sets also include tile pieces.

Who Plays With Magnetic Blocks, Sticks, and Tiles?

While these magnetic building sets are designed for younger kids, much like LEGOS, they appeal to teens and even adults.

For younger kids magnetic building sets can be educational and help them develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

For teens and adults, magnetic building sets can be a hobby, much like LEGOs. They’re also a great way to relieve stress.

Magnetic blocks tend to be used mostly by toddlers.

This is because these sets usually don’t have as many pieces and the blocks are easy for small toddler hands to hold and manipulate.

While toddlers can use magnetic tiles, more often tiles are used by preschoolers and older kids.

Magnetic sticks tend to be used most often by children from the age of about 8 or 9 and up.

They can be a bit more challenging and younger kids can find that frustrating.


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