Benefits of LEGO Play for Elementary School Students

Benefits of LEGO Toys for Elementary School Age Children

The benefits of LEGO toys don’t just stop once your child begins school. School age children who continue to play with LEGO build on the benefits they received as toddlers from playing with these blocks.

They also gain additional benefits as well, and here are some of the benefits that LEGO toys can have for elementary school age children:

Improved Reading Skills 

Many LEGO kits come with written directions that a child needs to follow to complete a certain project.

Reading the directions to build something that interest them can help improve any child’s reading skills

Practice in Following Directions 

Following written and verbal directions is an invaluable life skill.

Working on LEGO models will help your child become adept at following written directions

Development of Patience and Perseverance 

Some of the more difficult building projects take a lot of patience and perseverance to complete.

Working through the project helps school age kids develop patience, which they can then use in other school activities and daily life


Cause and Effect 

By completing various projects, kids can actually see the direct results of their actions.

If they change something, the results will be different than if they change something else

Improved Focus and Concentration 

Building with LEGO requires a child to focus on what they are doing and concentrate on either written directions or their own plans.

This focus enables them to complete the project in the way they envision

Builds STEM Skills 

LEGO makes kits that have moving and mechanical parts.

They also make LEGO robot kits, and these types of kids help kids gain a basic understanding of science, technology, engineering, and math

Increased Spatial Awareness 

LEGO kits can increase a child’s spatial awareness which can help them become more proficient in math

Improved Problem Solving Skills

 When children tackle LEGO building projects, especially those projects they want to try on their own, things don’t always go according to plan.

This helps them develop their problem solving skills as they have to make adjustments to their plan in order to complete the project

Encourages Creativity

 While children enjoy completing the projects that the kits are designed for, they also like to see what they can make on their own.

And they love to see what they can do when they combine several sets together!

This helps kids think outside of the box and expand their creativity

Boosts Self Confidence 

When kids accomplish a difficult task, it boosts their self-confidence.

Many children who complete harder LEGO building sets will feel their self-confidence grow and that will encourage them to tackle even more difficult tasks.

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