Bath Toy Play Time Tips – Benefits Of Bath Toys & More


Your toddler’s day is filled with activities. Young kids are always on the go, so daily baths keep them clean and healthy.

Also, bath time provides a soothing routine at the end of the day, helping your child relax before going to bed.

But many parents frequently ask what does allowing kids to play with bath toys do for a child as they’re just not sure how beneficial it really is.

Written By: Psychologist Natasha Tanic

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Top Three Bath Toy Picks

Our top pick: LEGO DUPLO My First Bath Time Fun: Floating Animal Island. – Build adorable LEGO toys during bath time!

Second Place:  AugToy Bath Toys Ice Cream Maker – This toy will exercise imagination, inspire kids to play creatively and make them associate bath time with pure fun.

Third Place: Bath Toy Set with 3 Animals. – You simply can’t go wrong with this set of toys that swim in the bathtub.

For a young toddler, bath time is also another play and learning opportunity.

Choosing the right bath toys will turn a regular bath time routine into a great opportunity for learning, bonding, and entertainment.

When Do Kids Start Using Bath Toys?

Many parents are not sure when to introduce bath toys.

A good rule of thumb is to start introducing bath toys around the six-month mark when your baby is able to sit up by himself, has good head control, and starts showing more interest in toys.

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Your toddler is probably used to bath time toys by now, but introducing new, age-appropriate toys in the bath is a great opportunity for exploration and learning. It also makes bath time much more fun.

Toddlers love bright colors, different shapes and textures, and toys that float and make bubbles. They enjoy filling and emptying containers in the bath, playing with boats, and rubber bath toys.

Bath Safety

Bath safety remains essential, even now when your toddler can sit by himself in the bath. To keep your child safe at bath time, follow these simple rules:

  • Never leave your child unattended in the bath – always stay within arm’s reach
  • Never leave siblings or older children to supervise
  • Make sure the water temperature is between 37-38°C before you put your child in
  • Ensure that hot water tap is firmly turned off
  • Get everything ready in advance so you don’t have to leave your child unattended

Why is My Child Afraid of Bath Time and What Can I Do to Help?

Some children might be afraid of the bath. A fear of bathing, also called ablutophobia, is a very common fear in toddlers.

If every attempt to give your little one a bath turns into a struggle, try to find out the reasons that trigger avoidant behavior. Some of the most common reasons why young kids dislike bathing involve the following:

  • Your child is playing and doesn’t like interrupting the play
  • She struggles with transitions
  • She is afraid of water
  • Your toddler has sensory issues with the water – doesn’t like the feel of water on her face when washing her hair or doesn’t like the water temperature
  • Your child is afraid of getting soap into her eyes
  • She fears getting sucked up in the drain or slipping into the tub

To help your toddler overcome bath time fears, you can:

  • Let your child sit or play in the bath when it’s empty
  • Allow him to choose toys for the bath each evening
  • Take your toddler out of the bath before you take the plug out, as some kids are afraid of getting sucked with the water down the tub drain
  • Take a bath together

Benefits of Bath Time Toys


Bath toys can be introduced while your little one is still a baby. While some kids enjoy their bath time, other children dislike this routine.

Bath toys are a great way to help your child manage bath time anxiety and to make this activity more fun.

Not only are they a great distraction, but the best bath toys are also a beautiful opportunity to learn, bond, and have lots of fun with your toddler!


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