Are Nerf Guns Safe?

Some parents may shy away from letting their child play with a “gun” toy, and many find themselves wondering, is Nerf gun safe for kids.

The toy is designed for safety, featuring child-safe materials and lightweight components.

Sponge darts limit the impact of bullets when they hit a person or a surface, and the limited power and range of the guns make it impossible to do too much damage.

Of course, any toy can become dangerous if it is not used properly. Always follow the age recommendations printed on the toy’s packaging and carefully read the instructions for each Nerf gun.

For parents and grandparents, it is important to teach children safety tips when playing with Nerf guns.

Make sure your kids know these rules before they set off on their next Nerf war.

Do not put your eyes in front of a Nerf gun

Nerf bullets may be soft, but they can hurt your eyes when fired at close range.

It may be a good idea to purchase safety goggles if your child loves Nerf gun wars.

Don’t leave your finger on the trigger

When you are not firing the gun or aiming at a target, your finger should be off the trigger and you should point the gun at the ground.

Properly store Nerf guns and bullets to avoid misfires

Leaving a Nerf gun lying around can cause it to fire unexpectedly when stepped on by a person or a pet.

Take any bullets out of the gun and store it somewhere safe when not in use.

Never aim at someone’s head

Nerf darts are made of foam, but they can still do damage to someone’s face or eyes.

Never aim at animals or a person who is not playing

Animals can be injured by Nerf bullets or get scared if they are shot.

Also, firing a Nerf gun at someone who is not playing or paying attention can cause an injury.

Never aim at cars

Parents should establish which surfaces or items in a house or neighborhood are fair game for Nerf wars or targets.

Things like moving cars and neighbor’s property should always be off limits.

Pay attention to safety warnings

Parents should always review safety features and warning with their children when opening a new Nerf gun toy.

Also, stay up to date with Nerf Gun product recalls on manufacturer’s official site to ensure your child is playing with the safest toy available.

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